Za Frûmi

Za Frûmi is melodic mood music from a dark fantasy setting. One branch centered around a wayward group of orcs, and their adventures in deep forests and mysterious castles. Deep flutes, rythmic drums and atmospheric ambience combine to grant enthusiasts everywhere a unique experience. Another branch with instrumental neoclassical fantasymusic all about the Legends of the world of Za Frûmi.

Influenced by the Uruk-Hai and their language, the artists started the project now known as Za Frûmi.

'Za shum ushatar Uglakh' was the first album from Za Frûmi (2000) and was quite different from the normal fantasy inspired albums out there. Using theatrical dialogue and spoken entirely in orcish (Black speech), the album tells the tale of a clan of orcs caught in their struggle against a mighty vampire lord. A translation of the dialogue is included in the booklet, so those who do not know orcish (and most people don't) still know what is happening and what the orcs are saying as the storyline progresses. One year later (2001) Za Frûmi released chapter two of their Saga titled 'Tach - chapter 2' and the story continued about the clan, this album was received with open arms by the fantasy, black metal and ambient scenes. That was also the year were Waerloga Records was born and Za Frûmi were the first band released there.2007 the third chapter in the series was released titled 'Shrak ishi za migul' (Gathering in the mist) and Za Frûmi go all the way. After the 'Tach - chapter 2' album Za Frûmi released an instrumental album called 'Legends act 1' (2002/2003), a musical journey through the legends and myth of Za Frûmi. True dark, gothic, film-like, instrumental fantasy music! Another branch was born and a year later the second instrumental CD was released under the name: 'Legends act 2 - Vampires' (2004/2005). Inspired by two vampires. Za Frûmi has been played live by the Swedish radio symphonic orchestra and the two Simon´s (Kölle and Heath) music have been featured on several compilations, a couple of films, theatre performances, on conventions, festivals and even weddings. The band is not a live band.

Barrow Wights (a sampler of tracks from the early years with two previously unreleased tracks) was released june 2008 on Tom Bombadill´s Collectors which is a sub-label to Major Label Industries.

Legends act 3 - Cults and Legends act 4 - Orders was released the 4th of July 2008 and are inspired by the cults and orders of the world of Za Frûmi.

Please note! This page will not be updated from now on, news and other Za Frûmi updates will be availiable through MySpace, Facebook and Waerloga Records.

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News archive

29 Reviews of, Barrow Withs and Legends act 3 & 4 have been added to the Waerloga page. Looks like the reviewers love Za Frûmi more than ever!
If you read Italian check out a in depth freshly made interview with Za Frûmi done by Dark Room Magazine here.

The Links section has been updated. If you look for distributors, magazines that written about Za Frûmi, artists, labels, stores etcetera check it out.
Za Frûmi is featured on a compilation released as "free-download" by the Itlaian magazine Dark Room. It is called "In The Dark Room Vol. 1" and you can download the track for free here. The tracks is nr 7 (Immra) on Disc 2. This version was sung by Susanne Cermenius.

A collection of some of the best early work of Za Frûmi have been released on Portugal based Tom Bombadil's Collectors which is a sub label to Major Label Industries. Read more and buy the release on WAERLOGA.
Also check out

A release date has been decided for 'Legends act 3 - Cults' and 'Legends act 4 - Orders'.
The date is 4th of July 2008.
The album can be preordered on WAERLOGA.

Za Frûmi have announced on myspace that the upcomming two releases "Legends act 3 - Cults" and "Legends act 4 - Orders" will be released seperetly the same day! Both albums has 11 tracks and features almost 100 minutes of music.
This powerful release day has not been announced yet but will be fairly soon. Simon Kölle of Za Frûmi makes a promise in the bands myspace blog to pre release one or two tracks there so stay tuned!

A limited edition special release (A5 book with 24 pages!) with songs from the first 4 years will soon (end of may) be released on Tom Bombadil’s Collectors which is a brand-new MLI trademark sub-label, created to deal with the dark & underground Tolkien universe inspired art.
It’s a series of stylish book-CDs with hard cover, 24 pages where the concept is developed, a CD with the album itself and a slipcase to round-up the deluxe edition.
The album is entitled "Barrow Wights" and it also feature two previously unreleased tracks from the early era of the band. A real treat! Limited to only 1000 copies. Learn more about the release (which you will be able to buy via Waerloga Records) here.

Za Frûmi will appear on the compilation "Radio Rivendell vol. 2 - The Book of War" with an exclusive track called "Vojvod Szadrin". More info on the compilation check here.

Cleaned the site from old junk and added more up to date information/links.
Right now Za Frûmi is working on Legends act 3&4 at same time. If you want to follow what happen with Za Frûmi check out the blog on myspace.
Za Frûmi will be featured on Radio Rivendell compilation vol.2 "The book of war" in the beginning of 2008 and also with a song on the friendly
Italian fanzine "Darkroom" which will do a free downloadable album release February 2008.
A press release about yet another album will appear in short (in due time).

We have been waiting for the third chapter in the Za Frûmi saga and now it´s here. Release date 2007-01-12. Read more about the release on Waerloga records and
Info page updated.

The 12th song is recorded and that means "Shrak ishi za migul" is finished. Right now we are awaiting the dark rain of autumn for setting the mood for the artwork we are working on for the album.

Za Frûmi are working on the last song on Shrak ishi za migul! Very promising!
Za Frûmi can be found on myspace now:
We will soon link the blog here to a blog on myspace.

Za Frûmi brings message that 6 tracks are completed in the upcoming Za Frûmi Saga. Mp3s have been added, one full length track for each album released. A blog is online for your viewing pleasure as well.

Za Frûmi are working again after a short break. 4 songs on the third cd in the Za Frûmi saga (the saga about the orc clan lead by Uglakh) are done so far. The script for the whole cd is written and Za Frûmi will this time surely out done themselves.
A folk music fluteplayer will be taken in for the cd, a female soprano, choirs, a lute player, drummers and the list goes on. It´s almost like a big collective work of the Za Frûmi clan. As always lead, arranged and composed by Simon Heath and Simon Kölle.

Finaly some Za Frûmi news! Za Frûmi appear on Waerloga compilation vol. 1 which is a tribute to Uglakh! 17 bands making homages to the orc leader Uglakh.
We are also happy to say that Za Frûmi now enters the studio to finish "Shrak ishi za migul" the long awaited third chapter in the Za Frûmi saga.
According to Waerloga records they will record to the end of april and then master it! Look
forward to to more frequent news updates from now on.

As Za Frûmi have had a summer break from their recordings we got a sneak preview of the new music. It´s very good and harsh! Finaly the orcs invade our minds again and this time it sounds dark and very brutal.
We are also proud of the fact that we can leak the new title of Za Frûmi´s upcoming cd! It will be called:
Shrak ishi za migul - chapter 3
(Translation: Gathering in the mist)

A track from chapter 3 will be on the Waerloga compilation and also another Za Frûmi track which will be exclusive for the compilation!

The wait for Legends act 2: Vampires is over! We have listened to the cd and it´s a masterpiece no doubt!
Release date is set to 10th of Mars. Read more info here

Legends act 2 - Vampires will be out soon!
We have had a sneak preview listening and it was truly a masterpiece! The best of Za Frûmi so far maybe?
It´s dark and gothic as hell. The artwork is astonishing well done and also the texts!
A lot is happening right now for Za Frûmi and we have been informed by Jens about a competition that will be held short before the release of Legends act 2 - Vampires.
We will keep you posted.
We have heard rumors about the planned work with Za Frûmi - chapter 3. They will take in a lot of people to do voices and also a Trumpet player!

Za Frûmis new album "Legends Act 1" is finally here, the wait is over. We do want to remind the fans that this is an all instrumental album and contains no dialogue whatsoever. Legends Act 1 tells a musical tale of the legends from south to north, from the dark keep of Azot oh khan to the spiritual gathering of the Uruki tribes. ORDER NOW

As the Barrow Wights release is not in Waerloga Records hands, their hands are tied. They have tried to get it released, but is up to Tenser Records and they seem to be slow, this should have been a 2002-release. Anyway good news is that "Za Frûmi - Legends Act 1" is being pressed right now and Waerloga Records is handling everything here so rest assured that they will have it ready pretty soon. We also wish everyone a happy new year. This year will be a strong year for "ZA URUKI AKLASH"*.
*The Uruki(orcs) Music/Soundscape

Barrow Wights release is closing in, meanwhile we have interviewed Simon Heath and Simon Kölle of Za Frûmi about the present and the future and much more, the Interviews are on the INFO-page

A special edition Za Frûmi album - with Tracks from old albums, two new albums and two special tracks recorded specially for this CD - will be available for purchase soon. It is a limited edition album called "Za Frûmi - Barrow Wights" and it is a collaboration with Tenser Records. So stay prepared for this album as it shows glimpses of what the future holds for Za Frûmi fans all over the world. Waerloga records will hopefully before winter release Za Frûmi Instrumental album "Za Frûmi - Legends Act 1".

Finaly Za Frûmi - Za shum ushatar Uglakh is here. It is repressed and available from Alot has happened in the last month and we can reveal that a limited edition album will released this summer with tracks from not yet released albums "Legends act 1" and an album not yet revealed plus 2 whole new tracks which probably will only be released on this limited edition recording. The album will be entitled Za Frûmi - Barrow Wights and will be a CD-Book with pages filled with art and words from the land of mystery.

Waerloga Records have finally signed all papers for the debut album "Za shum ushatar Uglakh" to be repressed. We know all of you who don't own it have been waiting for this release for a long time now and this is a great moment for all of us.

The upcoming album Legends is soon here, finally you can listen to an excerpt from the track "The gathering of the tribes". Check it out on the INFO page. Dont forget to stop by the label we are on for other great artists sharing the same atmospheric quality you have come to appreciate.

Za Shum Ushatar Uglakh is sold out! We will be pressing new CDs soon. Until then only Chapter 2 - TACH will be available.

Tach is generating alot of positive response from people all over the world. If you are a distributor and want to distribute this release in an area that we arent established in, contact us at

Finally, Tach is out! Za Frumis new release! After a year of intenese work, the album Tach will be released on December 15th. The booklet is 12 pages packed full of story information and full colour pictures. Place your pre-order now! More...

For all of you waiting for Tach to be released, we have put up 1 full track from the upcoming album and 2 excerpts, enjoy. (The downloads can be found on the INFO page)

There has been awhile since the last update but alot has happened. Tach has been delayed until late november.

Due to several reasons Donald Persson is no longer in Za Frûmi. But he is still a good friend and Donald is welcome to make guest appearences in the future.

Tarki records has gone through some changes and will be renamed to Waerloga records.

After intense work for the better part of a year, the new album , "Tach" is now complete! Although no definite date for release has been set, you can expect to see it sometime late in October. Up until then we will be refining and expanding our homepage, to include more information about the world of Za Frûmi, pictures and stories. We have been enjoying great success this summer past, and have been heard on the radio in both Asia and the USA on several stations. On the new album, the story will be even more prominent, and the music will be in greater focus. Look out for excerpts of "Tach" here soon.

You can order alot easier now from the USA. Read more about it in USA Orders. As mentioned before we have been interviewed by several magazines and other media. We have gathered some common and some uncommon questions from interviews, and you can read them on the INFO page. We have also added 5 reviews in which you can read about the music and what people think about it. Read them on the INFO page. It´s going well for Za frûmi. We will soon be heading into the studio to work on our second album. More about that later. If you got questions, are intrested in distribution or something else.
Email us:

Alot of people have said that our excerpts from the album are too short, so we now put the track "Vrapogat" up as a full track. In this track the Uruk-Hai are marching towards the great vampiric castle through rough terrain (the translation is included in the CD booklet).